Vietnam 2013 ( Ho Chi Minh / Saigon )

This shot was taken in front of our hotel (Beautiful Saigon 3 Hotel ).

Ho Chi Minh streets

A female vietnamese chef prepares food for lunch.

Vietnamese chef

I saw this old woman riding on a bike together with people riding on a motorcycle. She noticed that I’m taking photos of her and made a peace sign before I took a shot.

Peace sign

Man, woman, old people, young people, most people uses single motorcycle for their everyday life.


Just to give you a clue on how big is the motorcycle industry in Vietnam, here’s a photo of one side of the street, take note that there are at least four rows of motorcycles parked on this side :O

Motorcycles lined up

I like the architecture of this building, though I’m not sure what is the name of this beautiful structure.


The densely populated city of Saigon.

Ho Chi Minh city

At the heart of Saigon. Aerial view of Ben Thanh market, one of the most popular market in Vietnam, you can find cheap products being sold here.

Ben Thanh market

To balance the busy and crowded area of Saigon, a pocket park is just around the corner to relax.

Ho Chi Minh park


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